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B.H. Mayer’s IdentitySign provides product solutions for labelling, identification and corporate design – items include pin badges, lapel pins, key rings, insignia, badges, name badges and many more products to support your sales and brand. The company’s origins go back to B.H. Mayer’s Decorative Embossing Institute, which manufactured medals, coins, military decorations, badges and jewellery at the Pforzheim site from 1872.

Pin badges, lapel pins, key rings & insignia

Our experienced team is available to assist our customers in all areas of product development – from the initial idea and design right through to the finished product. For the development of a company pin badge, for example, expert support and advice on the wide range of manufacturing techniques is provided right at the start of the project. In the subsequent stages, our designers, goldsmiths and graphic designers then develop customised design solutions for all product areas. Clear layouts, photo montages and even 3D models then support the subsequent design and manufacturing process.

The final result is a pin badge, lapel pin or key ring – often miniature works of art made of precious metal or large production items for mass distribution – all of top quality workmanship to support your brand and sales.

Name badges – personalised or for print/write-on use

We are continually adding more models to our range of innovative new product developments, such as top quality name badges for print/write-on use made of 100% aluminium – a world first. This is in addition to other new developments in plastic badges and models produced in wood that complement our extensive selection of products that will satisfy all your needs whatever your requirements large or small. All our name badges are manufactured on site in Pforzheim using equipment we have developed ourselves. As a result, we are able to guarantee the highest standards in product quality and delivery adherence. Expert teams advise our customers on all questions relating to the printing, name application and customised design of the badges, whether the logos are printed on or applied as metal motifs. Finishing techniques, such as applying synthetic enamel protective coatings, can also be used for many of our name badges. Complementing this product group is our large selection of ID holders, yoyo clips and lanyards.

Gifts and corporate items – products and concepts

B.H. Mayer's IdentitySign supplies and customises products and corporate items for marketing campaigns and supports and advises customers on their marketing and merchandising projects. Our service provision also includes strategic advice, product definition and development, the design of collections for specific target groups, distribution support and the management of all product development processes.





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