Charity pin badges and lapel pins for welfare projects

Corporate social involvement is increasingly important in a globalised and networked world. B.H. Mayer’s IdentitySign is aware of its social responsibility and for this reason supports selected projects which provide assistance to improve the lives of people through its charity pin badges and lapel pins. The proceeds from sales go directly to the selected projects.

Charity pin badges by Liam Gillick

The Charity Pin Badges Project started in 2012 with the British artist, Liam Gillick – who designed the German Pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009 – in support of the children’s charity, UNICEF. With Gillick on board, B.H. Mayer's had gained a major figure representing »socially engaged artistic practice«, a genre that does not forsake its social responsibility. With his wide range of artistic activity, ranging from brightly coloured minimalist sculptures and expansive installations right through to music, publications and plays, this artist picks up on a key impetus for the modern spirit: the interaction of the aesthetic with the social.

Art, Gillick is convinced, can at least reflect the changes in our urban environment, if not generate change itself. In this creative tension, social commitment becomes a key component of artistic production and manifests itself in a huge variety of ways. B.H. Mayer's Charity Pin Badges Project sees itself as a small contribution to making a change in this world that could start in no better place than strengthening the rights of children.  

The net proceeds from sales go to the children’s charity, UNICEF.

Limited edition run of 50 pieces.

Price: € 380

The pin badges are designed as a decorative item embossed with precious metal, are approx. 21 mm in size, with a pin post and spring fastener and are presented in a black MDF box.

Material: 925 sterling silver with a high-tech PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) finish in black and with synthetic enamel in 10 colours.

Production stages: fabrication of the steel embossing die and die mould, embossing, stamping, soldering, polishing, application of PVD coating*, enamelling

* For a PVD coating, the surface is »bombarded« with pure metal particles, such as titanium, zircon and chrome, under extreme vacuum conditions. It is therefore extremely resistant to wear. To allow a PVD coating to be applied to silver, the silver pin badges have to undergo a hard gold plating process.

Pin badges for the »Menschen in Not« fundraising campaign

Since 2005, B.H. Mayer’s IdentitySign has supported the »Menschen in Not« campaign run by the local press. »The aim of the charity is to provide material and non-material support to people in need or to charitable associations and organisations as well as providing financial support to charitable projects run by local communities or community associations. (§ 2 of Menschen in Not Statutes)«.

During the annual Sunday Opening event in Pforzheim called the »Pforzheimer Wirtschaftswunder« [Pforzheim Economic Miracle], a Wirtschaftswunder pin badge by B.H. Mayer’s is sold decorated with motifs of historic cars. The money raised by the sale of these badges is donated by B.H. Mayer’s IdentitySign to the Menschen in Not campaign. The initiative arose out of a Christmas appeal launched in 1992/93 by Albert Esslinger-Kiefer, the publisher of the local Pforzheim newspaper, with the aim of improving the prospects for those in need in Pforzheim and the surrounding area. There was an overwhelming reaction from local people and businesses and as of today around € 1 million has been donated to the cause.





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