Awards, commendations & trophies

Awards & trophies

The charming figure of a chef produced in cast metal as a trophy for the Höffner Masterchef Championships and the top quality embossing work on the Conradin Kreutzer Plaque awarded by the State of Baden-Württemberg are just two examples of the large number of projects for which B.H. Mayer’s IdentitySign has been pleased to create customised and top quality trophies and awards based on customer requirements.

For the unique gold-plated metal trophy for the Masterchef Championships, a 3D model was created based on the customer’s ideas, to which simple modifications were made before the 3D form was finally cast. The model for the mould was then created using the rapid prototyping process.

We also produce the Conradin Kreutzer Plaque, an award presented by the State of Baden-Württemberg for amateur musicianship which is embossed on our state-of-the-art machines, elaborately finished and then engraved.

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