Plastic name badges

Name badges with a metallic shine – chrome, gold, stainless steel and copper

Plastic name badges with shiny metallic surfaces in gold, copper, stainless steel and chrome

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Name badge UW60/2

White plastic name badges with paper cards supplie... more

Name badge US60/2

Black plastic name badges with paper cards supplie... more

Name badge U61/2

Plastic name badges with a gold-coloured surface. ... more

Name badge U62/2

Name badges with safety pin and double clip with a... more

Metallic name badges

Name badges with gold, copper, stainless steel and... more

Name badges U65/2

White plastic name badges with perforated paper ca... more

Name badges U66/2

Silver-coloured plastic name badges fastened with ... more

Name badge U80

Plastic name badges in white, black, transparent, ... more

Name badge Na4

Half-round acrylic glass name badges with a slight... more

Na4 complete set of name badges

5 name badges (Na4) supplied in a handy set for sm... more

Name badge Na5

Namensschild aus unserem hochwertigen flachem Acry... more

Kristall name badges

Our Kristall series name badges are fabricated fro... more

Coloured name badges

Name badges can be manufactured from plastic in ma... more

Name badge U20/2

Name badges with safety pin, double clip and a fol... more

Name badge U40/2

Plastic name badges with an extended print surface... more

Name badges U50/2

Name badges in size 70 x 25 mm Made of plastic wit... more

Name badges K10

Name badges made of 2-ply plastic (1.5 mm thick) i... more

Name badge K11

Our popular K11 series name badges give you lots o... more

Name badge K12

Our K12 series name badges consist of a base plate... more





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