Brooches and Lapel Badges From B.H. Mayer’s

Broschen von B.H. Mayer's
Brooches with individual design by B.H. Mayer's
Brooch designed by B.H. Mayer's
Brooches of precious metals from B.H. Mayer's


Brooches from B.H. Mayer’s are special items of jewellery you’ll be proud to present. Read more

We focus on and apply our expertise to realising customised design ideas in close cooperation with our customers. As with our lapel pins and pin badges, we delight in using our long experience to produce top quality brooches and lapel badges for your pleasure.

By the way, you might like to know that the forerunner of the brooch in 15th and 16th century Germany was the »Fürspann« or clasp, and in the ancient world the »fibula« and the »agraffe« were coveted items. From the mid-19th century, the French word »broche« (for a needle or skewer) was imported into Germany.


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