The World Map of Forgotten Football Pins

These pin badges and lapel pins by national football associations reflect the many facets of the sport while also bearing compelling historical witness to past world championships. The stories behind these pins are in part tragic, in part amusing and always convey how the »sport of sports« deals with so much more than the individual matches would suggest. Our pins hail from all over the world – from the Cook Islands in the Pacific to Ethiopia, Vietnam, Jamaica, Ceylon … the list is long and also contains states that have long ceased to exist and disappeared from all maps.

Pin Badges and Lapel Pins by National Football Associations

The pins’ designs and heraldry reflect different artistic styles from the last century – some lapel pins refer to the symbolisms of state emblems, other shapes are rather unconventional and a number of pins speak of historical and traditional design ideals. You’ll be surprised.

Soccer pins
World map of football pins