Quality and Service from the Golden City of Pforzheim

Whether it is lapel pins made of precious metal or top quality name badges made of aluminium and plastic, B.H. Mayer’s relies on quality made in Germany.

Impressions from our Manufacturing Process

While manufacturing our »Liam Gillick Charity-Pins«, we took the opportunity to photographically document the manufacturing process.

Production pin badges & lapel pins: preparation pin badges
Production pin badges & lapel pins: stamp fineness
Production pin badges & lapel pins: pin badges soldering
Production pin badges & lapel pins: Liam Gillick pin badges

The pin badges, designed as decorative items embossed with precious metal, are approx. 21 mm in size, with a pin post and spring fastener and are presented in a black MDF box.

Material: 925 sterling silver with a high-tech PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) finish in black and with synthetic enamel in 10 colours.

Production stages: fabrication of the steel embossing die and die mould, embossing, stamping, soldering, polishing, application of PVD coating*, enamelling

** For a PVD coating, the surface is »bombarded« with pure metal particles, such as titanium, zircon and chrome, under extreme vacuum conditions. It is therefore extremely resistant to wear. To allow a PVD coating to be applied to silver, the silver pin badges have to undergo a hard gold plating process.

Production of Name Badge Production

Name badges from B.H. Mayer’s IdentitySign are produced locally in Germany. As a result, we can guarantee the fastest delivery times and the highest product quality. For an order quantity of 1,000 badges or more, we’ll supply any RAL or HKS colour required.

Name badges manufacturing
Name badges manufacturing

Do you have any questions about our name badges or how we produce them? Our expert staff would be glad to assist you and provide support in the planning and realisation of your ideas.