Customized Medals

Customized medals lend importance to anniversaries, decorations or award ceremonies and signify respect and appreciation. Sports competitions and victories are also unique events, customized medals help honor extraordinary achievements with style and dignity.
Our designers, medallists and engraving specialists develop customized solutions tailored to your needs – commemorate achievements and make use of our competence and experience in manufacturing medals in our mint.

Medals and How They Are Created

We invest all our passion, artistry and technical precision into the design and manufacturing of high-quality medals, coins and badges made of gold, silver and bronze. For the production of customized medals, different techniques can be applied, from embossing to cast reliefs or jewellery castings. Our experienced team will competently assist you in finding the appropriate mode of production for your motif. We provide all manufacturing techniques from the first draft of your idea all the way to the final product.

Medals and How They Are Designed

Our designers, medallists, graphic designers and 3D developers create drafts and models in 2D and 3D to visualize your customized medals. Trust our long-standing experience and make use of our resources for your project.