How to Create Templates and Suitable File Formats for Printed Pins

How to correctly create setting templates for photos, graphics and logos and how to create the necessary file formats for printing pin badges and lapel pins.

Requirements for Printing Pin Badges

  • Graphic Motifs – Surfaces, Shapes, Font
    Pin badges and lapel pins: graphic motifs – surfaces, shapes, font

    Please send the logo or motif to be printed onto the badges as an EPS vector file (vector paths) created in programs such as Illustrator, FreeHand and CorelDraw. Any text contained in it has to be vectorised.

    Halftone Motifs – Photo Originals, Gradients
    Pin badges and lapel pins: resolution of motifs

    For logos or motifs to be produced in a mixed colour printing process please send these as JPG or TIF files with a resolution of at least 300dpi (with 1:1 scale).

    Information on the Printing Process
    Pin badges and lapel pins: printing process

    Please forward further information on the printing process such as position and print size in an accurate drawing file with a description.

    Advice Regarding Online Data
    Pin badges and lapel pins: quality printing

    Please do not use any data obtained from the internet, as the web resolution of 72 dpi is generally insufficient to achieve a top quality printing result.