Manufacturing Methods

Embossing, relief embossing and jewellery casting are the methods applied for medal production. Our experienced team will assist you with your specific needs and suggest the best manufacturing method for your motif. We offer a complete range of services at all stages in the fabrication process from a single source – from your first idea right through to the final production.

Embossing Methods

  • Working with the Embossing Punch
    Medals: embossing punch

    Last preparations for embossing a medal.

    Medal Embossing
    Medals: Embossing

    We produce top quality medals, coins and badges in gold, silver or bronze, featuring precise craftsmanship and artistic sophistication.

Laser Process

  • Laser Engraving
    Laser Engraving

    Small series or even individual pieces can be created with our fibre lasers within a few days without embossing stamps. Sharp contours, precise and very detailed.