2D & 3D Designs

Our graphic designers, jewellery designers, medallists and 3D developers create two- or three-dimensional designs, layouts and models to visualise your ideas or for you to present to your clients. Rely on the long-standing experience of our designers and benefit from our resources.

2D Design

  • We Design Success
    Medals: layout & 2D & 3D design

    Our designers, graphic designers and medallists work to visualise your ideas or for you to present them to your clients. Rely on our team and benefit from our experience. 

3D Design

  • 3D Design and Medal Embossing
    Medals: 3d design - jubilee medal

    3D wire frame model of a medal design alongside the embossed final medal.

    Rendered 3D Files
    Medals: renderings 3d data - Pforzheim medal

    The front side of this medal rendering presents the portrait of Margrave Charles Frederick, Grand Duke of Baden. The back side features a logo of the »Golden City 250« anniversary. Design for an exclusive commemorative Pforzheim medal, limited edition of 250.