Goldsmiths for Accessories and Jewellery

When manufacturing jewellery for you, rings, brooches, tie bars and cufflinks receive their sparkly finish in our goldsmith’s workshop.

Passion and Quality since 1871

  • Gold Work to Your Taste and Needs
    Jewellery and key rings: goldsmiths - gold work

    London, Amsterdam, Munich and Pforzheim are the European centres of fine jewellery design and manufacturing. We cultivate and foster this artisan craft when manufacturing your accessories and jewellery.

    Impressions from our Goldsmith Work Shop
    Jewellery and key rings: classical goldsmith tools

    Workbench with classical goldsmith tools.

Laser Process

  • Innovative Laser Engraving
    Signet Ring with Laser Engraving

    Compared to mechanical engraving, our laser engraving offers many advantages: it is absolutely sharp in contour, very precise, true to detail and can be reproduced exactly as often as desired. We also create micro-engravings with perfect depth of field and precision.
    We can engrave lettering in all types of lettering or in your own typeface.