Designing Accessories and Jewellery

Depending on the specific project, our graphic designers, jewellery designers and engineers create two- or three-dimensional designs for key rings, tie bars, cufflinks, jewellery and bookmarks.

Designing Accessories

  • It all Starts with the Design
    Jewellery & key rings: layout & 2D & 3D design

    Rely on our engineers’, goldsmiths’ and designers’ competence and experience and benefit from our technical options for your projects and ideas.

3D Jewellery Designs

  • Accessories, Jewellery and 3D
    Jewellery and key rings: 3d design of the Singers’ Ring

    Our customer’s templates for a commemorative singers’ ring served as the basis for the 3D wire frame model.

    Rendering of the Singers’ Ring
    Jewellery and key rings: rendering of the Singers’ Ring

    The rendered singers’ ring as presented to the customer for reviewing. After we received the green light for production, the ring was cast, refined by our goldsmith and the logo was engraved into the black onyx.