Name Badges with Engraving

Our engraved aluminium name badges combine high-quality aesthetics with the advantages of long-lasting and durable deep engraving. Individual font engravings can be implemented in all font types. We also create logo and micro engravings efficiently, precisely and with great attention to detail using our modern fibre lasers. The colourlayout of the deep engraving is another option for a durable finish.

Laser engraving on coloured anodised aluminium

Laser engraving on coloured anodised aluminium emphasises the material properties of our high-quality aluminium and creates an attractive and contrasting optical interplay between the anodised layers. Read more

The coloured anodised layer removed during engraving brings out the colour tone of the aluminium underlayer. Depending on the engraving intensity of the laser, different bright aluminium greyscales can be produced, which set the scene for your logo in an individual and expressive way. Close