Designs in 2D & 3D

Our designers and developers create two- or three-dimensional designs, layouts and models to visualize your ideas or for you to present to your clients. Rely on the long-standing experience of our jewellery designers, graphic designers and 3D developers. 

2D Designs

  • Visualizing Your Ideas
    Pin badges & lapel pins: layout & 2D design

    Rely on the long-standing experience of our designers and developers and benefit from the options we have to offer.

3D Designs

  • Club Award Badges and 3D File Formats
    Pin badges & lapel pins: 3d design

    The drawing files for the club award badge served as the basis for this 3D wireframe.

    Renderings of 3D Data
    Pin badges & lapel pins: renderings 3d data

    Rendering of the badge based on the wireframe for our customer. After we received the green light for production, an embossing die was created to manufacture the badge.