2D & 3D Designs

Depending on the specific project, our graphic designers, medallists and developers create two- or three-dimensional designs for badges, emblems and brand labels. Use our layouts and three-dimensional models to visualize your ideas.

Designing with Vectors 

  • Designing Your Badges and Emblems
    Badges & emblems: layout & 2D & 3D design

    Trust our engineers’ and designers’ competence and experience and make use of our resources for your project.

Designing with STL Files

  • Badges, Emblems and 3D Files
    Badges & emblems: 3d drawing

    Based on the badge’s drawing files, 3D wire frames are created.

    Rendering 3D Data
    Badges & emblems: renderings 3d data - badge

    The rendered badge, based on the wire frame, as presented to our customer for reviewing. Once we received green light for production, an embossing die was created and the badge was manufactured.