Fasteners for Badges, Emblems and Brand Labels

Rivet mechanisms, posts, split needles, eyelets, strings and cling film – we provide a large selection of fasteners for your badges, emblems, brand labels and decorations, from a simple split needle to textile cords.


  • U-Shaped Split Needles
    Badges & emblems: u-shaped split needles

    Available with and without counter-plates

    Badges & emblems: rivet

    Suitable for mounting on fabrics and leather

    Emblem with Lobster Claw Clasp
    Badges & emblems: emblem with lobster claw clasp

    Elegantly attached with a small lobster claw clasp

    Brand Logo with String
    Badges & emblems: brand logo with string

    Equipped with fabric or plastic string

    Emblems and Brand Labels with Rings
    Badges & emblems: bmblems and brand labels with rings

    Equipped with key rings for easy attachment

    Badges & emblems: buttons

    Can be mounted on leather and fabrics

    Textile Straps
    Badges & emblems: textile straps

    For upholstery, fabrics and textiles

    Cling Foil
    Badges & emblems: cling foil

    For easy attachment to plane surfaces, e.g. metal, wood or plastic