Name Badges for Your Hotel

Professional hotel name badges are an important element of modern communications and indispensible for an efficient corporate identity. With our superior name badges fabricated from light alloys, plastic or wood, we provide the hotel industry with elegant products made in Germany, featuring a broad variety of personalisation and printing options. Our magnetic name badges are available in numerous colours, shapes and with a selection of alternative fastening mechanisms, and are complemented by a broad range of additional services.


  • Hotel Name Badges

    Hotel name badges with metallic finishes

    By identifying themselves with their own names, your staff not only signal responsibility but also make themselves personally available at all times while embodying your hotel’s corporate identity. Discover our comprehensive premium-quality name badge portfolio.

    Our experienced team is happy to help with any questions you may have regarding our name badges – from your initial idea to the first design all the way to the final product. You will be competently supported throughout the development process of your name badges, including expert advice on our different models and personalisation options. Our graphic department’s layouts are involved in all stages of development and production. We look forward to hearing from you.

Choose from Three Series

  • 1. Name Badges for Print/Write-On Use and Individual Design
    Print/write-on name badges

    Name Badges from this series are supplied with perforated A4 sheets for printing individual names as well as your hotel logo. After having personalised the paper inserts with any standard printer, the perforated name cards are simply pressed from the sheet and slipped into the name badges. Name badges and additional paper inserts can be ordered around the clock from our online shop. To help you with labelling your name badges, we have created free Word templates which you can download from our website.

    Alternatively, you can use our free online label creator which allows you to create and download a PDF for personalised paper inserts.

    The Benefits for You
    This series provides you with more cost-efficient name badges because you take care of the printing process yourself.

  • 2. Name Badges with Logos for Print/Write-On Use
    Name badges for print/write-on

    We provide high-quality prints of your logo – while you merely personalise the supplied paper inserts for your Name Badges with your office printer. After having printed out the personalised inserts, the name cards are simply pressed from the perforated sheet and slipped into your name badges. To help you with labelling your name badges, we have created free Word templates available for downloading on our website.

    You can also use our free online label creator which allows you to create and download a PDF for personalised paper inserts.

    The Benefits for You
    Printed with your logo and expertly designed, your name badge becomes an elegant accessory complementing your professional attire and can be integrated more wholly into your corporate design. All you have to do is change the names (hopefully not too often).

  • 3. Name Badges by B.H. Mayer’s with Logo & Names
    Name badges with logo and names

    Entrust us with the complete and competent production of your Name Badges – and we’ll deliver your name badges labelled and embellished with your logo. Follow the example of many leading German companies and make use of our free storage service for personalised name badges with logos. For example, if you order 50 name badges on more favourable terms but only need 30 badges with names initially, we’ll store the remaining 20 name badges for you free of charge.

    The Benefits for You 
    Order a larger quantity at a more favourable unit price and leave some items in storage for printing later. The stored items are then printed with individual names as required when you call them off. Called-off items are processed without delay. It’s the way to take the stress out of trade fairs and ensure you’ll never be short of name badges ever again!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you recommend fabric-friendly alternative fasteners to security pins?

    Generally, our name badges are mounted with our patented magnetic fastening system MyFix®, a system that prevents name badges from entangling or falling off, guarantees the perfect positioning and secure attachment of your name badge, is suitable for sturdy and delicate fabrics, and protects your clothing. For use with thicker fabrics we can also equip your name badges with our stronger jumbo magnet or with our maximum force three-point magnet. However, we also offer alternative fastening solutions such as safety pins, double pins, combi clips, crocodile clips and rotating clips. Additionally, we can provide our name badge models M2 and K10 with slots, allowing for easy attachment to lanyards. As you can tell, your options are varied…as varied as our customers.

  • How can we make sure that the corporate design is consistent in all hotels?

    Name badges with logos and labels printed by us ensure 100% consistent corporate design, as our customers’ specifications are of highest priority for us.

    However, name badge models with printed logos also warrant for consistency – thanks to our free Word templates nothing can go wrong here.

    Alternatively, you can use our free online label creator which allows you to create and download a PDF for personalised paper inserts.

    For customers choosing name badges for print/write-on use and individual design, our graphics department can optionally create a design template which then serves as a template for the further printing process. Another option would be to have us pre-print your logo on the panes and paper inserts, all you then have to do, is insert the names with the help of our Word template, which again ensures consistency.

  • Can you also provide logistical services for larger hotels and hotel chains?

    As a German manufacturer we are able to meet any needs or requirements at a very short notice, since we have our name badge storeroom at hand and can also offer express printing services. 

    Many larger hotels and hotel chains also like to make use of our free storage service which we have already described above.

    Special shipping documents and different billing addresses are also not a problem. Name badges ready for despatch by 15.00 hrs can be delivered on the next working day by express delivery. When customers need their goods urgently, we can arrange delivery by courier service.

    Our on-location graphics department can also offer support to hotels desiring individual custom-made solutions, and is happy to develop design propositions. Our customers can furthermore equip their name badges with metal emblems from our Decorative Embossing Institute, a unique finishing technique provided exclusively by B.H. Mayer’s.