Embossed Lapel Pins & Pin Badges with Colour Lining

Lapel pins & pin badges with colour lining
Individual lapel pins and pin badges
Lapel pins and pin badges with color lining

Colour Lining

»I imagine colours as if they were living ideas … « wrote French painter Paul Cézanne, giving us an insight into his artistic creativity. Read more

Without doubt, colour is one of the most expressive means available to designers. Colour pin badges and lapel pins also have a special appeal due to the contrasting effect of the metal surfaces and top quality colour linings. Close

More Information

    • Method As with our fire and hard enamelled pin badges, the areas of colour are separated by embossed metal studs. However, metal-coloured areas are also possible where a deeply embossed motif is lined with colour. Colours are defined according to the Pantone, RAL or HKS colour scale.
    • Motifs Logo or text realised in graphic 2D form 

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