Lapel Badges, Lapel Pins & Pin Badges in a Relief-Style Finish

Lapel badges, lapel pins & pin badges as a relief

Relief Embossing

Lapel pins & pin badges in relief design create an impressive 3D effect with depth. Relief has been an artistic form of expression with a long tradition and sits between 2D design and 3D form.  Read more

Relief blossomed as an art form in ancient Greek and Roman architecture and in the decorative design of antique to contemporary artefacts. Our many years of experience turn our pin badges and lapel pins into outstanding decorative items you’ll be proud to present. Close

More Information

    • Method Cast or embossed. Depending on the design or requirement, the surface is polished or worked to a fine matt finish by our goldsmiths. The 3D appearance can be enhanced by an antique patina finish.
    • Motifs 3D figures or relief-style designs and logos – all for a 3D effect 

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