Lapel Pins & Pin Badges with Fire-Enamelled Colouring

Pin badges and lapel pins with wire-enamelled colouring
Pin badges and lapel pins with wire-enamelled coloring
lapel badges and pin badges fire-enamelled
pin badges and lapel pins fire-enamelled
Enamelled Pin Badges and Pins in Plastic Cases

Fire-Enamelled Colouring

In the design of embossed pin badges and lapel badges from B.H. Mayer's, gold, silver, copper and black nickel metal studs separate areas filled with coloured fire enamel.  Read more

The surfaces are ground level and polished after firing. The oldest known enamelwork was found in grave goods in a Mycenaean burial in Cyprus and is approx. 3,500 years old. But the technique was also used in ancient Egypt and in Celtic times as well as by goldsmiths in the Middle Ages. Close

More Information

    • Method After embossing, metal studs separate the coloured areas filled with hard enamel. The surface is ground level and polished in the next production process.
    • Motifs 2D graphic realisation of logos, text elements and other 2D motifs 

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