Offset-Printed Pin Badges with a Clear Enamel Coating

Offset-printed pin badges with a clear enamel coating
Pin badges with offset printing

Offset Printing & Enamelling

Offset-printed badges and lapel badges with an enamel coating are ideal for motifs with halftone and mixed colours such as photographs and illustrations where the colour areas are not clearly defined.  Read more

The clear cold enamel coating intensifies the luminosity of the colours and gives the pin badges a superior look. By using offset printing, the most intricate motifs are reproduced true to the detail. Offset-printed lapel badges with a clear enamel coating are ideal mass distribution items and reinforce brand image and loyalty for your company, club or association. Close

More Information

    • Method Cut from steel, brass or aluminium by contour punching. The offset printing process reproduces motifs with colour gradient and halftone or multicoloured motifs. Reproduction is true to the original colour and extremely faithful to the detail. The lapel badges’ superior appearance is provided by the clear and colour-intensifying cold enamel coating with a 3D effect.
    • Motifs  Complex originals such as photos and illustrations or motifs in many colours 

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