Award Pins, Lapel Pins & Laurel Insignia

Award pins with laurels
Lapel pins and award pins made of precious metal with laurels
Medal with lapel pins

Award Pins with Laurels

Award pins and lapel pins with laurels developed from the symbolism of antiquity.  Read more

In Greek mythology, the evergreen laurel branch was a symbol of moral and physical cleansing. In Roman times, a branch of laurel was the symbol of victory – the field marshals returning to Rome and other participants in the victory parade wore a wreath of laurel leaves as a symbol of their success. And still today, a lapel pin or award pin with laurels attests to an outstanding achievement or service. Close

More Information

    • Method Laurel or oak leaves can be individually adapted to the motif for special commendation. It provides an opportunity to express recognition for special achievement in a classic or modern style.
    • Motifs Graphic realisation of a logo or lettering such as motifs containing figures or images with a 3D effect 

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