Lapel Pins Cast in Full 3D Design

Lapel pins made of precious metal with cast in full 3D design

Full 3D Casting

Lapel pins and pin badges in full 3D casting are miniature sculptures and wearable works of art. In contrast to sculpture – which works in stone, for example – a 3D form is modelled from mouldable materials from which a negative mould is created.  Read more

When the material is cast in the mould, it results in a lapel pin created in a 3D design. When we create the basic moulds in wax, we call on the skills of our experienced goldsmith modellers as well as state-of-the-art methods such as rapid prototyping (i.e. fast IT-supported model development). Close

More Information

    • Method Cast from metals and precious metals. The basic mould is created by designers from wax in the traditional manner or is developed from fine wax layers using 3D data with the aid of new IT-supported processes, such as rapid prototyping.
    • Motive Three-dimensional figure motifs and logos with a 3D effect

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