Pin Badges & Lapel Pins for Anniversaries and Special Occasions

Lapel pins made of embossed precious metal
Lapel pins made of precious metal with matt and shine embossing
Embossed lapel pins and pin badges made of precious metal
Lapel pins made of precious metal with with stones
Lapel pins made of precious metal in fine velour cases

Matt and Shine Embossing

Our lapel pins, lapel badges and pin badges are miniature works of art fabricated from precious metals – superb decorative items from B.H. Mayer's IdentitySign. Read more

We work with precious metals, such as gold and silver, as well as precious stones and semi-precious stones. Additionally, the surface finish can be personalised in as many different ways as the design of your lapel pins or award pins. Close

More Information

    • Method  The background is sandblasted to a fine matt finish and the raised motifs, such as lettering, are polished. The contrast between the matt and shiny surfaces brings a particularly elegant touch to the lapel pins and pin badges. For lapel pins, there is also the option of colour lining with precious metals.
    • Motifs Graphic 2D realisation of a logo or lettering 

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