Name Badges with Silver-Coloured Finishes

 Plastic name badges, colour gold
 Name badges made of plastic, colour silver

Name Badge U62/2

Name badges with safety pin and double clip with a silver-coloured surface. On the back of the badge is a fold-out base that serves as a stand. Read more

With paper cards as perforated A4 sheets for printing individual names and a clear plastic cover. Close

More Information

  • Specifications
    • Material Plastic
    • Size 70 x 32 mm, printable surface: maximum 70 x 14 mm
    • Colour Silver
    • Service On request, B.H. Mayer’s will print the name on the paper insert for you (additional charge, orders of 25 or more)
    • Configuration With plastic cover and paper insert
    • Printing Screen, pad and digital printing
    • Min. order quantity 10 pces
  • Fasteners
    Double Clip and Safety Pin
    Double Clip and Safety Pin

    Fasteners integrated with our name badge models UW60/2, US60/2, U61/2 und U62/2: with double clip, safety pin and a fold-out base that serves as a stand fitted to the back of the badges.

    Standard Magnet
    Standard Magnet

    The most popular name badge fastener is the standard magnet. The ideal fastener when protecting clothing is the main priority. 

    Design: Metal/plastic, dimensions: 45 x 13 mm, with self-adhesive strips

    Jumbo Magnet
    Jumbo Magnet

    With greater magnetic force. Suitable for use with thicker fabrics or when subject to greater stress.

    Design: Metal/plastic, dimensions: 47 x 15 mm, with self-adhesive strips

    Extra-Strong Three-Point Magnet
    Extra-Strong Three-Point Magnet

    Maximum magnetic force for maximum demands – the three-point magnet.

    Design: Metal/plastic, dimensions: 47 x 15 mm, with self-adhesive strips plus increased magnetic force

  • Paper Inserts
    Paper Inserts for U62/2 Name Badges

    The name badges are supplied with perforated A4 sheets for printing individual names. After having personalised the paper inserts with any standard printer, the perforated name cards are simply pressed from the sheet and slipped into the name badges. Additional paper inserts can be ordered around the clock from our online shop. 

    To help you with labelling your name badges, we recommend our free online label creator which allows you to create and download a PDF for personalised paper inserts. Alternatively, you can use our Word templates which you can also download from our website.

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